60 year old Stone Baby!!

Sunday, 20 October, 2013

Huang Yijun, 92 gave birth to a stone baby!

cen fetus stomach 1 090119 ssv 60 year old Stone Baby!!

Actually, she got pregnant 60 years ago, but the baby died in the bomb. The doctors demanded £100, which were far too much for Huang. So she didn’t had the fetus removed. This baby slowly pacified and remained inside the lady for complete 60 years!


After 60 years, Huang started having stomach aches. The doctor scanned and found out about the dead baby.

stonebaby 60 year old Stone Baby!!


dissected 60 year old Stone Baby!!

In medical terms its known as lithopedia. So far only 290 such cases have been reported.

Source : The Herald

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