Dishes prepared from insects: DELICIOUS!?

cockroach2Cockroach Sushi: In Japan, cockroach sushi is a delicacy and served to customers who do not mind trying them. Large hissing cockroaches found in the tropics are used to prepare this dish whose taste and texture is that of greasy chicken!








ant eggsWeaver ant’s eggs: are used as a tasty dip or topping for salad and tortilla chips in Thailand. However, they can only be collected one month out of the year, which is a very tedious and painful process. Weaver ants’ eggs are squishy and must be fully cooked before being enjoyed.








Centipede or millipede on a stick: Generally centipedes are preferred and tastier when compared to millipedes, but millipedes are the usual street food in China. Centipedes however have pincers and bite but once the head is removed they’re ready for cooking. Centipedes are insect eaters, while Millipedes are vegetarians and this reflects slightly in their flavours, which is rather bland like a dry spaghetti noodle.






waterbugWater bug noodle soup: Water bugs are actually quite popular in Thai cuisine, often consumed whole, steamed or fried. They are also frequently used as extracts for various sauces. In Taiwan they’re very popular with u-don noodles (Japanese wheat noodles). Supposedly they taste like clam (shellfish)-flavoured potatoes.





Tofu Grasshoppers: are a delicacy in Japan, Uganda and Mexico. Solid coloured grasshoppers like black, green and brown are edible and their taste is a cross between chicken, shrimp, and croutons.




mosquitoMosquito eggs & tortillas: In Mexico mosquito eggs are dried, roasted and then wrapped in tortillas and served with a squeeze of lemon. Mosquito eggs are about one-sixteenth of an inch long and they’re priced like good caviar (fish eggs) at $50 for a small bottle.







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